By: Danielle, Sabryna, and Lauren 

Problem: Syrian refugees are dealing with harsh weather conditions while wearing inappropriate footwear for the weather. 

Solution: Our solution is to make an impactful video to raise awareness for the refugee's struggle and to help them receive the appropriate footwear they need for the weather. 

Precedents: The ALS Ice Bucket challenge is a campaign to spread awareness about ALS. People dump a bucket of ice cold water on their heads and challenge others to do it as well. If they do not accept the challenge then they should donate to the ALS foundation. Toms is a brand that with every purchase, toms donates a pair of shoes to someone in Africa. Project 7 is a gum and mint brand that gives back to 7 elements in need. (Save the earth, house the homeless, feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, heal the sick, teach them well, and hope for peace). 

First Prototype: We started a social campaign to raise awareness for Syrian Refugees with inadequate footwear by creating a video where we challenged ourselves to stand outside in the snow, barefoot, for a minute. 

How will we make our second prototype better? We will improve our project by first including background information about Syrian Refugees. Then we will come up with a script so our words flow better and make our message clearer. Also, we will pick a type of boot/shoe we will be donating. We also want to team up with a boot company like Toms or Sorel and do a if you buy our shoe we will donate to refugees type of thing. 


Second Prototype: For our second prototype we created a campaign video, in our video we address why we are standing in the snow and the significance of the time, 65 seconds for the 65 million refugees.  We now have a logo for our campaign, we open our video with the logo.  We also got other kids around the school to take the challenge and stand in the snow.

How will our third and final prototype be better? For our final prototype we will clarify where our money is going, what kind of footwear the refugees are receiving and how to donate.  Along with clarification, we need to make so edits with the way the video flows and change the music.