By: P.o Marchand and Wyatt Wilmshurst

Problem: Refugees are in need of a steady/consistent source of food.

Solution: Provide families with a portable mini greenhouse with the ability to grow many types of crops without much work or knowledge in farming.

Precedents: Some include the method of using a greenhouse to trap in heat and have transparent glass for sunshine to reach the plants. Also, The Topsy Turvy which a method of growing crops vertically as well as upside down. 

The first image is a large Greenhouse. The second image is the Topsy Turvy fully harvested. 

How does the first prototype work? : The EZgrow is split up into six equal sections able to hold fertilizer, seeds, and water for each specific crop to grow. The roof is capable of moving higher or lower according to the growth of the crops. The first prototype of the EZgrow is made of cardboard walls and tubes. We fabricated the tubes so that they could extend in a telescopic fashion.

These two images are our first prototype. You can see the scale on how big the EZgrow will be as well as the the inside sections and the retractable roof.

This is a sketch the basic function and ideas of the EZgrow.

Future changes toward the making of the 2nd prototype: The whole structure will be made of plexsiglass in order to be transparent to trap outside heat inside. We will use PVC pipes to form a more steady means of elevating and lowering the roof. While the roof is up, there will be a slim plastic expandable wrap covering the walls to keep the heat in. We will also research to figure out which type of seeds should be shipped with our kits,  according to the complexities of each plant. We want to have seeds that grow in the same light, heat, and height.

March 24, 2017

- We have finished our 2nd prototype and solved some issues we had in the 1st prototype. We have built the mini greenhouse out of plexsi-glass and have started growing food crops in the different sections.

This is the work of the 2nd prototype. We scaled it down to four equal sections to grow crops. We made everything transparent plexiglass and started to develop a mechanism to expand and lower the roof when necessary. We also started growing three different types of seeds that will be useful to refugee families due to their restrictions and complexities. 



Future changes towards the development of the 3rd prototype : In the next prototype we will have created the four parts needed to control the roof. We will need to attach them into each corner and attach a roof on top of all four pieces. We need to create a new plexiglass constructed model without making a mess of glue, but also making sure it is durable. The four pieces involved with the expanding and lowering of the roof are a key componet to our idea because we need the roof closed at many times to trap in the heat, but when water is needed we need a way to expand the roof to allow water in.