Stink Eliminator

By: Wyatt Wilmshurst and Wyatt Friedlander

Problem: Garbage is smelly and messy

Solution: We invented the Stink Eliminator to reduce the smell and mess of tying a garbage bag

First we looked into some precedents and found zip lock bags and scented garbage bags. They influenced our design  


Our first prototype was made of four dowel rods glued into the sides of the top of the garbage bag. We formed the wood into a square top base. We then cut out a piece of cardboard and taped it to one side of the formed wood square to create a lid type piece for the top of the garbage bag.

This is our second prototype of the Stink Eliminator. We constructed a garbage container and drilled a small hole in the side of the wood so the air freshener can spray through the hole perfectly without having to open the garbage. We attached the air freshener with velcro.

  • If we were to make a third prototype, we would construct a way to spread the smell from the air freshener throughout the whole garbage container evenly. We would possibly use a system of tubes to deliver the smell to every area of the container.