Quick Dry

By: Danielle Mason and Sabryna Strack 

Problem: It takes too much time and effort to dry off after a shower with a towel.

Solution: We invented the Quick Dry to save time after a shower.

Inspiration: Hair dryer, hand dryer, and the air blowers in the car wash.

Materials: Arduino, Tape, Glue, Cardboard box, Fan part,

How it works: Activate the Arduino and the fan turns on. The fan blows through the vent to dry you off.

This past week we have been creating our second models of the lazy devices. Sabryna and I used a saw and cut wood blocks to make a nicer version of what we already had. We also added a motion sensor so that the fan would only turn on if a person was standing directly in front of it. 

Sabryna and I painting our wooden prototype blue

Another way to further our prototype would be to add two side air dyers to ensure a quick and easy dry. This idea came from group discussion.  After looking into side dryers I came across the idea of a panel that has multiple dryers in it. This could be an easier installation rather then three separate units.


If we were to continue this project and further the prototypes I would look into the multiple air jet panels and find materials to allow heat to be controlled.  Over all this was a good project and a great way to start the class.