Sunrise Smart Pillow: Future of Sleep Technology

Kevin Xiao May 24th 2017

  • Everyday, students, adults, almost everyone is struggling to wake up early in the morning. The experience is painful. Without a good sleeping quality, doesn’t matter how much do people sleep, we will still feel tired the next morning. Here is the pillow that can solve all the problems above.

  • Sunrise Smart Pillow: Tracks your sleep, wakes you with light, streams your favorite music, and reinvents the alarm clock. "With the Sunrise Pillow's Deep Sleep technology for nights & Sunrise Alarm to start your day, you can effortlessly improve your body's sleep & wake hormones thanks to the power of science & technology. Say goodbye to restless nights and groggy mornings."

  • Designers created the Sunrise Pillow to revolutionize our mornings and our nights. "It’s simple to use, ultra-comfortable and wakes you naturally. 


  • "In the morning your pillow will simulate a full sunrise. The gradually increasing light falls on your sleeping eyelids telling your body to stop producing Melatonin (the sleep hormone) and begin producing the energy hormone. This mimics the natural wake-up process you get when waking up to nature. By controlling when the sun rises in your bedroom, you can minimize fatigue and grogginess every day.

  • Question:

  • Will the pillow be comfortable since there are electronics built in

  • How do we charge the pillow

  • Is it water resistant? What if you drool? What if your hair is wet? 


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