Innovation News: Paparazzi-Proof Clothing

Hello, I am Jojo Rosenbluth, a tenth-grade innovation and design student.

With so many people having phones nowadays, many celebrities feel that they have very little privacy. They can't go outside without someone taking their picture, which immediately becomes public on social media. Stephen Wheeler, a senior designer at the online clothing company Betabrand, is looking to change this. He has created a line of hoodies, suits, hats and scarfs that are made of a reflective fabric. When a picture is taken with the flash on, the fabric reflects the light back to the camera. As a result, the photographer is only able to see the scarf and not the person at all. 

Credit: Betabrand

Credit: Betabrand

Wheeler is not the only person making paparazzi-proof clothing. Saif Siddiqui is also creating a scarf that masks a person's identity when a picture is taken with the flash on. 

I wonder if the next step in this invention would be to make a fabric that masks a person's identity even when a picture is taken without the flash on.  Paparazzi-proof clothing is not cheap; Wheeler's suit costs around $520. I wonder if this product will become more affordable so everyone could get one in the future.