This week in class...

Hi, It's me Lauren. I'm from Minnetonka, Minnesota doing a PG year here at Northwood. I am here writing about our week of March 27th-30th. We are just finishing up our last week of class until we head home for two weeks of spring break.  After a couple of long and hard weeks, we have finally finished our 2nd prototypes. One group has created a shelter for Syrian Refugees, another has designed a filter for clean water and nutrients for refugees, and the last group has created a video campaign challenging people from all over to stand in the snow for 65 seconds to show support for the 65 million refugees around the world who do not have access to appropriate footwear. 

. After finishing our project we created logos using a website called Canva. Canva is a free graphic-design tool website. It is fun and easy to use to create different graphics. Canva offers different templates, so after playing around for awhile, our group chose our favorite design. 

Here is our final design 

Here is our final design 

On Monday March 27th it was Northwood's revisit day for future students who might attend our school. The prospective students came to our Innovation + Design class along with their parents. During our class time, the three groups shared their 2nd prototypes. The groups not presenting wrote down on a sheet of paper what they liked, along with other ideas they have to make the groups' prototype better. The feedback we all got was very helpful for giving us ideas on how to improve our 3rd and final prototype. 

After break we will have another two and a half weeks to design our prototype. Every group has great ideas that will be presented to the whole school during school meeting. 

Stay tuned!

Lauren out.