Innovation News: Resource Furniture

Hello! I'm Jojo Rosenbluth, a sophomore in Northwood's Innovation+Design class. In January, two designers, Johnathan Olivares and Jeffery Bennett, came to our class and talked about projects they had been working on. Both of them had been working on at least one project involving furniture. This surprised me, as I usually think of furniture as art rather than innovation. After they came, I looked online for other innovative furniture ideas. The ideas of Resource Furniture interested me the most.

Resource Furniture designs beds, chairs, tables, and desks that save space by serving multiple functions. Some of their beds pull down from the wall similar to how a murphy bed works. What sets them apart is the dual function these beds serve. The beds serve as couches, desks, or tables during the day. When it is time to go to sleep, one simply has to take the cushions off of the couch or clear off the table and then pull down the bed. 

This company also makes twin and bunk beds. In my favorite twin bed, shown in the video below, one does't even need to take anything off of their desk, as the desk remains parallel to the floor when pulled up. This would save space in a small apartment or a dorm room. Its bunk beds either pull down from the wall or come out from a couch. 

Resource Furniture mainly works with people who live in very small apartments and want to make the most out of their space. Most people hire a design consultant from the company to help them organize their small space. This type of furniture could be used in places with a high population density, such as in refugee camps.