Class Work: March 6-10

My name is Evan Carroll, and I am a senior at Northwood School in the Innovation + Design course. This week in class we accomplished a lot. We have already separated into groups for our project to help refugees. There are three groups all working on different projects. The projects are a portable water filter along with a quick meal packet, an awareness video on the lack of clothing items, and a shelter to connect refugees. Each group created their first prototype previously.

This week we have began reaching out for help with large companies asking if they'd like to be apart of our project. My group, the shelter group, has reached out to Better Shelter in hopes that they'd like to take a look at our work and help us improve it. The awareness group has been studying previous viral video trends looking for the correct formula to have theirs go big. The filter and food group has been looking into improving their design to better help refugees specifically. Overall, the week has been very productive, and we hope to progress further in our projects next week.



"Freddie and Gustaf Editing"                                                  "Ref Com Shelter 1st Prototype"                          "Jo Jo and Nemo Researching Filters"