A 3D Printed House

By JP Montmarquette

There is a way now to build houses for people that need one right away. In Russia, they found a way to 3D print a house in less then 24 hours, and it cost just under $11,000. This invention could help towns and cities build homes homeless people from, since the house is so cost effective. It's also going to help the market; meaning that since the house doesn't cost a lot, there could be a lot of houses like that in a neighborhood.



This house was engineered by Tech startup Apis Cor. Instead of printing parts of the house, they decided to use a mobile 3D printer to print the concrete walls in a complete structure. The house is 400 square feet, and it has a curvy shape.

The founder of Apis Cor, Nikita Chen-Yun-Tai,  said that they want to help the world by improving living conditions. So my questions for this invention are: Can we use this type of construction for refugees? Can we build a skyscraper with the Mobile 3D printer?