The shop tool challenge!

Hi, JP Montmarquette here. I am a senior at Northwood and its my first semester in tInnovation + Design, and I have learnedmany, things like using shop tools or digital progams like the 3D printer which I didn't know how to use until our teacher told us what to do.



This week we have been working more on fusion and learning more things on Fusion 360 and how a 3D printer works. Now we are working on the shop tool challenge. This challenge consist of knowing how to work with shop tools. first we met with a child and he told us what was his invention he was thinking about. With the information my team and I worked on his invention and we need to paint it but it's coming to life. 





The class was separated into two groups. One group had to do the little boy's project and the other group had to do the little girl's project. At the end of the challenge the two classes of Innovation and Design will show their projects to the children, and the winners will have earn a pizza dinner. May the best team win!!