Inovation News: Solar Roof - Tesla

By: Fredrik Kristoffersson, Sweden.

Elon Musk is one of the most efficient suppliers of environmentally friendly cars, he invented the tesla. Now he has been working on something that he calls the solar roof. This roof that he is supplying is really cool. It comes in all different types of shapes, and it can fit your roof perfectly. It even looks like a roof. The solar roof can support you with a sufficient amount of electricity. These panels will catch the light and make your house light up for years.

The world is changing, and it is time to join the movement to sustainable energy. The sun provides us with enough energy to survive throughout the year. This is a way to lower your payments to the energy companies and have a sufficient amount of electricity throughout the year. Tesla is saying that this solar roof will be a lot cheaper than most other types of electricity.

This roof is said to come out in 2017 mid summer, so sign up and be the first ones to buy it to make sure your children get a safer environment to live in when they get old.

Some questions I'm wondering about:

How will the roof hold up in different types of weather or climates?

How can this roof less expansive than a regular roof?

Is it going to support your house with electricity during winter when there is a limited amount of light?