Innovation News: The "Watermill" that turns air into fresh water

By: Wyatt Wilmshurst/Senior/Massena,NY

The Watermill is a new home appliance that attaches to the outside of your home and simply draws in moist air through an air filter. The moist air passes over a cooling element, condensing the moist air into water droplets. This water is then collected, passed through a specialized carbon filter and is then exposed to an ultraviolet sterilizer, eliminating bacteria. The water collected travels through pipes and delivers straight to your refrigerator or wherever fresh water is needed in the household.


The WaterMill is designed to minimize energy use. It's so efficient that producing one liter of water costs only three to four cents. Alternative bottled water systems typically cost ten cents per liter or more.


The display look of the Watermill while it is mounted outside.

The Watermill