Introduction to semester two projects

Hi readers! My name is Lauren Klein. I am currently doing a PG year at Northwood. I am doing an extra year of high school before I head of to Boston University next year to play hockey. 

We have been very busy this week. First, we took time to go over important digital media tools for graphic design, video, and website design. Mrs. D'Arco showed our class brief videos explaining what photoshop is used for, along with other great tools for designing. 

Second, we watched a video on the Syrian refugee crisis. The video showed us how the refugees lived. We had to think of daily problems these people faced as a class and we all agreed they faced: limited and unsafe shelter, kids are cold and getting hypothermia, their clothing isn't suitable for the weather conditions, and they aren't getting the medical attention they need in order to survive. 

Third, we looked at different kinds of precedents to get ideas for our semester projects. There were precedents like Ikea's 5 man shelter housed that includes electricity and heat. A straw that filters the dirty water out in order to make the water drinkable. Also, a patch that makes you invisible from mosquitos and other insects up to 48 hours. 

Lastly, we got together has a class to discuss what problems we wanted to solve for our semester projects. We each took Mrs. D'arco's survey individually to pick our top three problems to do. Then we got together as a class to organize our problems and how we would like to solve them. We got into our groups based on what problem you wanted. The groups for F period Innovation and Design are: Shelter: Gustaf, Freddy, and Evan, Clothing: Sabryna, Danielle, and I, Nutrition: Jojo and Nemo.  After deciding the groups, we broke off into smaller groups to discuss how we would like to solve the problems. 

Thanks for reading!