This Week in Class...

Hi, my name is Nemo Jin, and I'm a junior in my first year at Northwood. I'm from Shanghai, China.

This week in class we have been figuring out creative ways to help solve problems related to the refugee crisis. We've finished first versions of our products and watched a video about Syria refugees' lives under attack every day.


Hi, my name is Jojo Chen, senior at Northwood school. I'm from Shanghai,China. 

On Monday, we watched a short movie called "The White Helmets" about the people who save people after the bombs are dropped in Syria. The movie is really touching and sad.  As the people live in the rich region, they never worried about food and safety issues. The movie gave me a deep understanding of refugee life.

On Tuesday, we persented the prototypes for our refugee problems. 

First, Freddie, Gustaf and Evan presented their first prototype for a  "refugee tent." The tent has been separated into 9 area. a community area in the middle. The people in the tent can cook in this area and the replace is a children can hang out. These are separate rooms for each family. This tent would build up a small community and help people help each other. 


Danielle, Lauren, and Sabryna, started with a challenge video where you stand outside barefooted for one minute to simulate what it feels like to live like a refugee. Their project resembles the Ice Bucket Challenge that was popular last year. Their first vision is to give shoes to refugees who have inappropriate footwear. 


The last one is me and Nemo's project. Our idea is to give refugees enough nutrition by powdered replacement meal. But the powder providing the clean water to mix. An attached water filter would be a good solution for give the clean water. We are considering putting the powder container and water filter together. Unfortunetly, the 3D printer didn't make the water filter as good as I thought. But, our prototype still gives you a sense for how it looks.