This week in class we found problems/solutions facing the refugee camps

My name is Wyatt Wilmshurst, and I am a senior in my second year at Northwood. I am from Massena, NY. I am a member of the E period Innovation +  Design class.

This week in class we have been figuring out creative ways to help and support the refugee camps spread out across the world. We first brainstormed the modern problems refugees are facing in the camps. We then split up into three groups to create solutions to problems including shelter issues and awareness issues. 

In the first picture, Kevin, Charlie, and Wyatt F are creating a digital way to spread awarness about the many problems and needs the refugees have.

In the second picture, JP and Katelinn are creating a solution to fix problems with shelters. In the third picture, P.O and I are creating a food and nutrition invention so the refugees will be able to have a consistent supply of food.