Innovation News: Cancer-Fighting Army

By Gustaf Arfelt

Cancer is a global problem that causes many deaths all over the world today. Doctors and scientists are trying every day to come up with solutions to cure cancer. Jurgen Rahmer, a scientist from Germany came up with the idea to fight cancer with magnets that can complete different tasks in the body. 

"Magnetically controlled swarms of microscopic robots might one day help fight cancer inside the body, new research suggests." This new possible robot will change the world. Over the past decade, scientists have shown that they can manipulate magnetic forces to guide medical devices inside the human body. 

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This robot will be able to complete different tasks in the human body, "Our method may enable complex manipulations inside the human body," said study lead author Jürgen Rahmer, a physicist at Philips Innovative Technologies in Hamburg, Germany."

At this website, we can see how the magnets work and the function of the prototype. The magnets can move without interrupting each other. This video shows how it will be able to complete the different tasks in the human body. It could also help further implants in the body of someone in the future. 

This will be a new revolution for the world. This could save very many lives and help doctors. 

I wonder if the robot will be expensive, so that every one in the world could have access and not only the people with a lot of money? 

I also wonder if the robots will be able to be used more than one time for different people? 

And I really want to know if this will be a game changer that could solve this terrible problem.