The "shop" tool challenge!

Hi readers! My name is Fredrik and I have been at Northwood for 3 years now and this year I came back as a PG student. This is my first blog post. 

This week we have done two different things in class, learned how to 3D print and we are have "shop" tool challenge. On Wednesday we learned how to 3D print, before that we had learned how to sketch something that could be 3D printed. We decided to take a test subject to print that Gustaf had made on his computer and it turned out to be pretty cool. 

On Thursday Mrs. D'Arcos children came to class and we had to do a "shop" tool challenge. They described the inventions they wanted to make and we had to make them. Later, when the challenge is done, the winner will get a pizza. Mrs. D'Arco's son wanted my group with Gustaf, Jojo and Nemo to make a dog feeder. He showed us his own ideas and told us how he wanted it to look, and we tried to make it as similar to what his invention and idea was. Mrs. D'Arcos daughter is working with Danielle, Evan, Lauren and Sabryna. They had to make a desktop organiser.

The next day we made just sketches of how the different ideas could be made and how to make it simple to work with them. We started to cut some wood and measured everything. It took us the entire class time to do that. On Monday, both the groups started to assemble all the pieces and created the innovations.  

On Tuesday, we had to finish up the projects and do some details that were necessary. We finished the box and the other group finished their project almost entirely. Tomorrow it is up to the kids to decide who the winner will be!