2nd week blogpost

Hi, my name is Gustaf Arfelt and I am a PG here at Northwood. This is my second year here, and first time taking the Innovation + Design class. 

On Wednesday, we presented our 2nd and final prototype of our "Lazy Challenge projects", I got the opportunity to work with the idea of how to make your bed with no effort at all. Our project became a real success. Freddy, JoJo and I were very proud and exited about our outcome. After we presented our 2nd prototype, we wrote a self-assessment about our project. 

Thursday, we looked more into some innovation news and talked about some ideas that are circling through the internet right now. We also finished our portfolio on the website and wrote about our final prototype and the outcome of the prototype.

Friday, We learned how to program an Arduino with expressions and sequences. It was really cool and interesting how you could create so many different expressions + sequences with motors, lights, vibrations, sensors etc.

On Monday, we started learning 3D design with Fusion360. We each got a 3 year free trial. We started with looking at the tutorial to get a greater sense of how the program worked and how we could improve our skills and be creative.

Tuesday, we continued to work with Fusion360 and learned how to print with the 3D-printer. We designed organic forms this time. We could not have any sharp edges and it was a fun experience. It was interesting to see what my classmates had created the night before.