Innovation News: Rollable HD Screens

By Danielle Mason

After looking at newly innovative devices, I came across an article about the top twelve inventions at the 2016 CES (Consumer Electronic Show). One in particular seemed to jump out at me.  A new rollable eighteen inch screen by LG. We already see some curve on some smart phones' screens such as the Galaxy's, but this screen that can completely roll is a game changer.

LG has already released plans to turn these rollable screens into Tv's. The company is also talking about using these screens in interior spaces and on smart phones. These screens have been shown in cars as display screens on the dash of the car.

I think these screens with be great but I wonder if they will be easily scratched.  Being able to roll, they can now go in smaller places which could result in scratching.  I hope this screen could be placed on a computer allowing a computer to become smaller and easier to carry. These new screens could take the place of the white projector screens that roll up in a classroom.