Innovation News: Smart Beam

Smart beam

By: Katelinn Cummings

Hi. It is Katelinn. This is my second semester and I am a senior. Innovation + Design has helped me be creative and open minded to new ideas. It is exciting to have class that is based off of collaboration and out of the box inventions. This week I am sharing a new invention called the UO Smart Beam Laser.

The Smart Beam Laser was invented in South Korea and can project an image on a surface from a phone and is compact, making it easy to carry. This invention is a two-inch cube and projects a 150 inch HD screen. Also, It has a laser that is always focused no matter what surface it is used on. This is called "free focus." This fixes the problem that old projectors had in which it had to be focused every time, depending on the surface used.

To use the Smart Beam, a device(phone, computer, tablet, etc.) is plugged in and the laser (which is safe for people's eyes) projects the image from the phone. Smart Beam can be brought anywhere and simulates being at a movie theater. Also, it is easy to set up, especially if someone wanted to watch a movie outside on a nice summer night or be able to watch T.V. without actually having a T.V.

This is a great invention, but I wonder how this product will be improved. A possible step in making the Smart Beam better is higher quality images and bigger display. The price could be reduced by finding cheaper materials but it may decrease the durability and quality of the product. Also, the size could maybe be reduced even more so that it could fit in a pocket.