This Week in Innovation + Design: Expert Advice

My name is Liam Ferris. I am a senior at Northwood and live in Lake Placid. I am currently in week 2 of Innovation and Design, in my first semester of the program. We are presently building inventions to help people become lazier in everyday tasks, such as wrapping + gifts, making garbage so it doesn’t smell, and washing your face, these are all part of the ‘Lazy Project’.

I am developing a project that will make brushing your teeth easier. We came up with three ideas for how to do this task. Our first was a chair you sit in, and then a robotic arm that would extend out and brush your teeth for you. Although these ideas  would make the job easier, they would be a lot more complicated and very expensive to become a real project. Our second idea was a mouthwash with vitamins that are safe to swallow. Our third, and final idea, was a mouth guard type device that you put your mouth on and it brushes your teeth with little brushes in it, run by a motor.

Also, this past week we met a very successful designer Jonathan Olivares, from the Harvard graduate school of design. He helped our class go over the prototype designs of our inventions and gave us ideas for how we can improve them.