Interviewing Opportunities

My name is Danielle Mason, I'm a senior at Northwood and this is my third year here.  I have grown up and still live in Buffalo, New York.  I came to Northwood to follow my passion of skiing.  I was given an opportunity to further my racing career and academics all at a small school tucked away in Lake Placid.

We are now half way into our second week of the semester.  We just finished our first prototype of our lazy machines.  Sabryna and I were tasked with how to make drying off after a shower easier. We created the Quick Dry, our own device that would be installed in a shower to dry you off without any effort.  We learned to use a control panel to power our device.  

Thursday of last week, I was told I would have the opportunity to Interview Jonathon Olivares.  At the time, I didn't know what that would entail, all I knew was that he was coming from Harvard Graduate Schoo of Design. Seemed legit? After doing some research of his younger years and his work, I was immediately intrigued.  Yesterday, Monday January 10th, Jonathon and Jeffery came to our class.  They listened to our pitches for our prototypes and gave back constructive criticism, along with asking essential questions that would help improve our prototypes.  Later in the day, Jonathon spoke at school meeting.  He shared with us his journey to where his work has brought him to today.  My favorite thing he said was, "I would still go to work everyday, even if I didn't get a pay check".  I don't think many people can truly say that about their work, that passion is rare.

This morning I sat with Jonathan and Jeffery, for about an hour.  We chatted about their projects and practices.  From the highs to the lows, we covered it.  Jonathan said that for every project that succeeds, two fail.  I ended the interview by asking them to define design, the two agreed it's a way of life. 

Perhaps the best was after the camera stopped rolling, we had what seemed to me a real conversation not just an interview.  I asked if they had tips or tricks for when I'm the one being interviewed.  Jeffery mentioned something I had never thought of before, ask for a reading list.  Every intellectual should have a reading list, pick one read it, and learn from it.  Then follow up and you have a step up on everyone else.

Needless to say, I already ordered the book he recommended. Daily Rituals