The Everlast Notebook

Kevin Xiao 

“The way you take notes is about to change. Again.
With the Rocketbook Everlast you can take notes, instantly blast them to cloud services you already use, then use a towel to start all over again.”

Notebooks are one of the most often used object. Obviously it is for taking notes. However, it seems to be easily damaged. When people spill water on it, the notes will be ruined. The Everlast notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience, yet is built for the digital age. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, the Everlast is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services.


When you write using any pen from the Pilot FriXion line, your writing sticks to Everlast pages like regular paper. But add water… and the notebook erases like magic.

The Everlast notebook is compatible with the Rocketbook app. That means before your notes go off the page they go online to destinations like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack and Evernote — perfectly organized.


"In an instant, the Rocketbook app crops and enhances each page so your digital notes are more crisp and vibrant than the real thing."


"Each page of your Rocketbook Everlast contains a special QR code which tells the Rocketbook app the page number of each scan. That means no matter how or when you scan your Everlast, we can always get your notes in the right order. Each page also has a narrow dark border surrounding it. The border allows the Rocketbook app to find your page quickly in any environment or background, like a messy desk."


"ONLY USE PILOT FRIXION PENS. Although there are other inks that work, the entire FriXion pen line is the most accessible and they erase perfectly. Plus, they are just excellent pens. If you leave the ink on a page for a really long time (like months), it may leave a faint ghost behind, so it's a good idea to erase every few weeks to keep your book in perfect condition." 


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1. Are we be able to fold the pages? 

2. How many pages are there in one notebook? 


More Ideas: 

1. If the note book allows all kinds of writing tools, that will make it more convenient.

2. Some people believe that it is easier to read from the paper instead of computer.  

Sunrise Smart Pillow: Future of Sleep Technology

Kevin Xiao May 24th 2017

  • Everyday, students, adults, almost everyone is struggling to wake up early in the morning. The experience is painful. Without a good sleeping quality, doesn’t matter how much do people sleep, we will still feel tired the next morning. Here is the pillow that can solve all the problems above.

  • Sunrise Smart Pillow: Tracks your sleep, wakes you with light, streams your favorite music, and reinvents the alarm clock. "With the Sunrise Pillow's Deep Sleep technology for nights & Sunrise Alarm to start your day, you can effortlessly improve your body's sleep & wake hormones thanks to the power of science & technology. Say goodbye to restless nights and groggy mornings."

  • Designers created the Sunrise Pillow to revolutionize our mornings and our nights. "It’s simple to use, ultra-comfortable and wakes you naturally. 


  • "In the morning your pillow will simulate a full sunrise. The gradually increasing light falls on your sleeping eyelids telling your body to stop producing Melatonin (the sleep hormone) and begin producing the energy hormone. This mimics the natural wake-up process you get when waking up to nature. By controlling when the sun rises in your bedroom, you can minimize fatigue and grogginess every day.

  • Question:

  • Will the pillow be comfortable since there are electronics built in

  • How do we charge the pillow

  • Is it water resistant? What if you drool? What if your hair is wet? 


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Class Work: March 6-10

My name is Evan Carroll, and I am a senior at Northwood School in the Innovation + Design course. This week in class we accomplished a lot. We have already separated into groups for our project to help refugees. There are three groups all working on different projects. The projects are a portable water filter along with a quick meal packet, an awareness video on the lack of clothing items, and a shelter to connect refugees. Each group created their first prototype previously.

This week we have began reaching out for help with large companies asking if they'd like to be apart of our project. My group, the shelter group, has reached out to Better Shelter in hopes that they'd like to take a look at our work and help us improve it. The awareness group has been studying previous viral video trends looking for the correct formula to have theirs go big. The filter and food group has been looking into improving their design to better help refugees specifically. Overall, the week has been very productive, and we hope to progress further in our projects next week.



"Freddie and Gustaf Editing"                                                  "Ref Com Shelter 1st Prototype"                          "Jo Jo and Nemo Researching Filters"

A 3D Printed House

By JP Montmarquette

There is a way now to build houses for people that need one right away. In Russia, they found a way to 3D print a house in less then 24 hours, and it cost just under $11,000. This invention could help towns and cities build homes homeless people from, since the house is so cost effective. It's also going to help the market; meaning that since the house doesn't cost a lot, there could be a lot of houses like that in a neighborhood.

This house was engineered by Tech startup Apis Cor. Instead of printing parts of the house, they decided to use a mobile 3D printer to print the concrete walls in a complete structure. The house is 400 square feet, and it has a curvy shape.

The founder of Apis Cor, Nikita Chen-Yun-Tai,  said that they want to help the world by improving living conditions. So my questions for this invention are: Can we use this type of construction for refugees? Can we build a skyscraper with the Mobile 3D printer?

Innovation news: ili translator

The ili translator helps people instantly communicate in other languages. It solves a problem of communication in foreign countries . People are traveling more than ever today, and the need for fast translation is in demand. The ili translator solves this issue. It’s a small device portable just in a pocket. To use it you hold down a button and talk into it, and it will recite what is said in the other language. Questions I have would be: How large is its word bank? How many languages would it include?

The ili device has a simple interface where you just push the center button and begin speaking. When traveling it is often hard to find an internet connection. The ili functions completely off wifi. A major feature is that the ili translates in 0.2 seconds, making instant communication without delays.  


We are half way through the course!

By Charlie Qi (Senior, from Lake Placid)

This week we are continuing to work on Syrian refugee problems. For our second prototype, we are all reaching out to experts for advice. Each group in the class is working hard, doing their best, and has contacted some professional people to help them with their second prototypes. 

Charlie is working his communication with outside expert.

Charlie is working his communication with outside expert.

Liam is calling the refugee center in Vermont.

Liam is calling the refugee center in Vermont.

We are sending links to our portfolio pages by email, and we are calling people who might want to help us. Some groups are trying to connect with refugees in person. And we found that there is a refugee center in Vermont. Most groups have already heard back from people that contacted. 

We will now start to build our second prototypes that are due March, 21.


Innovation News: Fertility Checker

By Charlie Qi

The “YO” App

The “YO” App

---Finally you can check your fertility without an awkward visit to the doctor and do it at any time.

Yo is a digital home fertility test for men. It uses a smart phone camera to check for healthy a problem. It works by measuring the strength of your sperm, such as how fast they are moving or how many are there. Just collect the sample in the cup ,place a tiny bit on the test side, put in the YO clip, and attach it to your phone.

Yo is a digital home fertility test for men. It uses a smart phone camera to check for healthy a problem. It works by measuring the strength of your sperm, such as how fast they are moving or how many are there. Just collect the sample in the cup ,place a tiny bit on the test side, put in the YO clip, and attach it to your phone.

I wonder if this app actually works precisely? Should we trust this machine over a doctor? If the new technology is precise,  people may be able to can check their basic health problem at home.

Innovation News: Allmade shirt

Kevin Xiao reporting the class progress about the week Feb27 - Mar3. 

           ---- Kevin Xiao, From Beijing China a junior in Northwood School, Lake Placid NY.  

T-shirts made from recycled plastic and organic cotton, sewn in Haiti for a living wage, with proceeds going to orphan prevention and care...

● Each shirt contains the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles

● Organic cotton grown, spun, knitted, dyed, and finished in the US

● Sewn in a modern facility in Haiti for 5x the going wage

● Minimal shipping reduces ocean pollution

● Proceeds benefit the Global Orphan Project

2 billion t-shirts are produced every year, using fibers like industrial cotton, which is often grown in regions with minimal regulations—directly exposing workers and the environment to deadly pesticides and herbicides that are outlawed in the U.S. 

However this shirt is: 

Made from sustainable natural fibers & recycled bottles.


The recycled plastic is the main material of the shirt. 

The recycled plastic is the main material of the shirt. 

tri-blend shirts are constructed of organic, U.S. cotton; polyester produced from recycled plastic bottles (3 bottles per tri-blend shirt that never make it to a landfill); and modal, a fiber from sustainably-farmed beech trees. Our cotton is grown in Texas, and spun, knitted, dyed and finished in the Carolinas, funding American jobs and reducing shipping pollution.

Idea of the shirt

Idea of the shirt


With this kinds of shirt, I believe that the clothing problem of refugees and poor people can be solved. Also it is a great idea to save the environment since it is recycling plastic bottles. 



- Is this shirt going to be comfortable?

- How will this shirt be distributed in from factory to individual?

- How can people wash it? 


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Class Progress: Working on the prototype

This is Kevin Xiao reporting the class progress about the week Feb27 - Mar3. 

      --- Kevin Xiao, From Beijing China a junior in Northwood School, Lake Placid NY.  

This is the week after vacation. We kept working on the prototype of our project. The class briefly present their idea to each other the week before. The discussion is based on sharing thoughts, and helping each other to improve their work. We finished off the discussion by Monday. 

This is the guide for presenting the first prototype for disscussion

This is the guide for presenting the first prototype for disscussion

The storyboard for Wyatt, Kevin, Charlie's group. 

The storyboard for Wyatt, Kevin, Charlie's group. 

Prototype of P.O. and Wyatt W's group

Prototype of P.O. and Wyatt W's group

Later on this week, we are working one portfolio entries for our project. Each group creates a blog page that introduces not only heir project, but also the idea and inspiration for it. 


Uploaded by Northwood Innovation on 2017-03-07.

When working on the portfolios, student will need to put in a lot of images and links to explain their the idea. We are also looking for experts who can help with our project. 

This Week in Class...

Hi, my name is Nemo Jin, and I'm a junior in my first year at Northwood. I'm from Shanghai, China.

This week in class we have been figuring out creative ways to help solve problems related to the refugee crisis. We've finished first versions of our products and watched a video about Syria refugees' lives under attack every day.


Hi, my name is Jojo Chen, senior at Northwood school. I'm from Shanghai,China. 

On Monday, we watched a short movie called "The White Helmets" about the people who save people after the bombs are dropped in Syria. The movie is really touching and sad.  As the people live in the rich region, they never worried about food and safety issues. The movie gave me a deep understanding of refugee life.

On Tuesday, we persented the prototypes for our refugee problems. 

First, Freddie, Gustaf and Evan presented their first prototype for a  "refugee tent." The tent has been separated into 9 area. a community area in the middle. The people in the tent can cook in this area and the replace is a children can hang out. These are separate rooms for each family. This tent would build up a small community and help people help each other. 


Danielle, Lauren, and Sabryna, started with a challenge video where you stand outside barefooted for one minute to simulate what it feels like to live like a refugee. Their project resembles the Ice Bucket Challenge that was popular last year. Their first vision is to give shoes to refugees who have inappropriate footwear. 


The last one is me and Nemo's project. Our idea is to give refugees enough nutrition by powdered replacement meal. But the powder providing the clean water to mix. An attached water filter would be a good solution for give the clean water. We are considering putting the powder container and water filter together. Unfortunetly, the 3D printer didn't make the water filter as good as I thought. But, our prototype still gives you a sense for how it looks.